Our Job is not to Convict, but to Love!
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Delivered By
Pastor Peter Brown
Delivered On
February 26, 2017
Half Truths

Love the sinner, hate the sin. That's a phrase we here all too often. It sounds like a harmless, grace-filled statement on the surface, but when you begin to peel back the layers of the onion skin, we see that it can certainly carry an air of judgement. Typically it can be used in a reference where someone does something that the person saying the statement doesn't agree with or goes against their understanding of God and faith and the Bible. In essence, they have decided to play God and make their on judgement on the other persons actions. What if instead of doing God's job of judging we all loved the sinner, all sinners (that includes ourselves too!). Please listen as we break down the phrase Love the sinner, hate the sin.