The Difference Between a Parachute and a Paraclete
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Delivered By
Pastor Peter Brown
Delivered On
June 11, 2017
Central Passage
Matthew 28: 16-20
Trinity Sunday

One of the great mysteries of the Christian faith is the Trinity. The fact that God is three persons in one can become quite a conundrum. Many metaphors have been used to attempt to explain the Trinity. There is the egg with the shell, the white and the yolk. You would think thre it is, 3 in one, but what happens when you break the egg open, can you put it back together as one? No! Many great minds have tried to explain the Trinity from Arius to Augustine and some of the more modern theologians like Moltmann and LaCugna. But no one has ever really pinned it down. It is all about our faith God has come down to us in Jesus who died for us and rose again, and the Holy Spirit is there to fill the lives of all who follow Jesus. Total evidence of God's presence. Listen as we try to unpack this mystery of our faith.